Hip-Hope Technologies

Hip-Hope™ Smart Wearable Hip Protector
Using Cutting-edge Technology and Design
Hip-Hope™ is a smart wearable device, designed as a belt, worn around the user’s waist. A proprietary multi-sensor system detects impending collision with the ground.
Upon detection, two large-size airbags instantly inflate and protect the wearer’s hips. Fall alert notifications are automatically sent to pre-defined destinations.

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Hip-Fracture Epidemic
Each year, millions of seniors lose their wellness, independence and active lifestyle, due to an unexpected fatal fall lasting less than a second

Secure Your Future
"Hip fracture is the most common serious injury of older people… Improving its care and prevention is an urgent clinical and public health priority"
The National Hip Fracture Database 2010, UK

Hip-Hope’s Innovative Solution
Hip-Hope™ smart wearable hip protector device incorporates multiple game-changer technological innovations, enabling it to reliably detect impending falls and dramatically reduce harmful impact.

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